Saturday, September 27, 2014

It was time to take this elm tree down.  It didn't leaf last year or this year. Elm trees are gnarly hard wood-- a bit hard to cut. 

David Becker and David Bascom (a logger) came over with their chain saws to fell this big tree for us. (Notice the leaves behind the tree)
Once the tree was down, then the really hard work began.   Cutting in all into log lengths, cutting off the small branches.        Stacking and re-stacking.  The work began about 1:30 in the afternoon.  Steve was still out working about 6pm.  When I arrived home, I noticed the splitter in the field, so I guess that means we will be splitting wood during the week.

  Chain saw, Chain saw, Chain saw.
Cut, Cut, Cut!
 The tree lays up hill ready to be brought down to size.
 Such beautiful rings.
They were able to cut up some of the wood.
Some logs were brought to the top of the drive.
I'll go out tomorrow and take a few pictures of the logs, branches, and split wood. 
I am thankful that this will add to our firewood after it dries out.

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